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MacTschetter Leather is inspired by the hard working individual. 

We know how hard it is to come across a working glove that provides durability, fit, comfort & warmth in all climates. That is why MacTschetter Leather decided to introduce to the public hand-made Canadian working gloves. Our company understands the pride you take in your work and wants to continue the tradition for generations to come.

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The Team Behind MacTschetter Leather

"Let the gloves do the work" --- MacTschetter Leather

Meet Mike

In the heart of Alberta Canada lies a community where a collective mentality gets the work done. It wouldn't be without Mike, a passionate Hutterite who spends his days pursuing his love for leather-work. He keeps the tradition alive by spending his time on every intricate detail of these handmade Canadian gloves.

Meet The MacTschetter's 

Working closely with the Hutterites, Marvin & Kayla MacTschetter are based out of small-town Millet, Alberta. Marvin an ex-Hutterite himself had kept close ties with the colonies around Alberta whilst working oilfield over the past 20 years.  Marvin & Kayla met while working in the oilfield, both bringing experience in multiple industries, and saw the need for a well-made glove.

"We saw a need for a well-made glove during the cold Alberta winters and had to introduce MacTschetter Leather to the public." -- MacTschetter's


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